Patient Information


Bluewater Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, PA is a participating Medicare provider and accepts most health insurance programs for your skin care services.  Because relationships with insurance providers can change from time to time, our staff is happy to work with your insurance carrier to determine your specific coverage and the benefits on your upcoming medical or surgical dermatology treatment.  It is important for us to have a record of your current insurance information, so we will ask for a copy of your ID card at each visit.  Please note that cosmetic services are not covered by insurance.  Payment in full is expected for cosmetic services at your appointment time and is non-refundable.

Most Major Medical Insurance Accepted:
Please have your insurance information available when you schedule your appointment.  Our office policy is to collect all financial responsibilities from the patient before you leave the office.  That may be in the form of your annual deductible, a percentage of your visit that the insurance will hold you responsible for as coinsurance, or the flat fee copayment you pay at every visit.  The fees we collect are based on your insurance benefits that are verified before each visit and are calculated according to our individual payer contracts.  For your convenience, we accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards.

Patient Forms

For your convenience, several of our new patient forms are available for you to complete from our website.  If possible, please complete the appropriate forms in the comfort and privacy of your home and bring the completed forms with you to your appointment.  This will expedite the check-in process and cause less wait time for you in the reception area.  Please remember to bring your insurance card to your appointment so we can make a copy for your file and ensure that your insurance is filed correctly.  There are two ways in which you can complete the forms:

  • Download, print and fill out by hand OR
  • Download and complete using the PDF interactive fields and then print
  1. New Patient Information & Registration Form
  2. Authorization for and Consent to Release Records to Bluewater Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center
  3. Patient Demographic Form
  4. Patient Medical History Form

Patient Post Procedure Instructions

EMA Patient Portal

Welcome to Bluewater Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, PA EMA Patient Portal!

We are excited to offer you access to your personal health information through our EMA Patient Portal.  This portal will allow you to update your medical history, pharmacy information and medication list.  You will also have access to summaries of your office visits and information about your diagnoses and treatments.  Your user ID and password will be given to you by the staff during your appointment or through your email.  Please keep this information in a secure location for future use.

Please keep this information in a secure location for future use. Click here or on the Patient Portal link button at the top of the page to access the patient portal.