Can My Lips Get Skin Cancer, Too?

It’s easy to understand how the face, back of the hands and neck are susceptible to skin cancer, but many people fail to consider their lips.  The lips are just like the rest of your skin and are just as susceptible to skin cancer.  While lip cancer is less common, it is often overlooked and still accounts for about 0.6 percent of all skin cancer cases according to reports from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Lip cancer can include basal and squamous cell carcinoma (BCC and SCC).  If you want to avoid lip cancer, it is important to understand the primary risk factors.  Nearly 90% of lip cancer is caused by cumulative exposure to UV light.  Lip cancer has also been linked to smoking, alcohol consumption, and immunosuppression.  The good news is lip cancer is highly detectable and highly treatable!

When it comes to skin cancer, early detection plays a critical role.  Fortunately, the lips are an easy place to spot cancerous lesions.  Mohs surgery is the most successful treatment for lip cancer, with a high cure rate and the most effective technique for conserving healthy lip tissue while eliminating cancerous cells.

Concerned about the health of your lips?  Trust Fellowship Trained, Mohs surgeon Thomas J. Braza, MD to diagnose and address all types of skin cancers, including those found on the lips.  In the meantime, make sure you are protecting your lips from the sun!